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SEPTEMBER 2019 Newsletter
is A recession coming?
And how will you and your family be prepared?
What would a recession mean for you and your family financially?
There is no doubt we are in turbulent economic times with the stock market regularly being whipsawed around no thanks to various Tweets from the President over his trade battle with China.
Most of the world including Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Japan, and China are watching their economies steadily slow and move toward recession.

The question on everyone's mind:  Is a recession on the horizon for the United States, and if so what does this mean
financially for you and your family?

The key to a vibrant economy is a consumer's ability to spend and invest money. When consumers are employed and receive a pay increase, products and services become more affordable, so they spend and invest more money. 

When prices escalate in boom times, affordability declines and so does the consumer's ability to purchase a house, car, and more.
If and when the economy slows to the point of recession, the Federal Reserve comes in and regulates interest rates which makes many products and service more affordable.


Experts widely believe there will be more rate cuts within the next year or so to help stave off a recession. Beyond that however, it is difficult to forecast the economy. 
  • The BIG wild card is the trade war with China: the trade war is slowing the economy but not stalling it.  
  • The BOTTOM LINE is that interest rates are incredibly low and are not going up any time soon.
  • ​Which means that now and for the foreseeable future, it is a fantastic time to invest in real estate!
How People Just Like You Have Overcome the Struggle to Save:
Whenever I mention the idea of retiring without saving money, people look at me with one eyebrow raised, not sure if I am joking with them or if I am crazy. But the truth is, saving money is NOT the only way to become financially secure nor is it the best way by a long shot!

In this month's client case study we share the experience of a senior client financially struggling to retire. 
  • 3-bedroom home valued at $900,000
  • ​No mortgage
  • ​Social Security income of approximately $1000 per month
As you can imagine, living on only $1000 a month in Southern California is extremely difficult. This in addition to inflation rising faster than her social security income meant her financial situation was only going to get worse.
In our consultation we discussed how she could take her large sum of equity and exchange it for units near the beach, which is where she would prefer to live (don’t we all ).

After examining properties that were on the market we identified that she would be able to create $4,500 per month in rental income while living in one of the others units.

This means no mortgage payment and $4,500 per month in addition to her social security income of $1,000 per month for a total of $5,500 of monthly income.
 Needless to say she was ecstatic with this improved financial situation and the icing on the cake is getting to be close to the beach!

What is possible in your life is so beyond what you believe!

Now is the time to schedule your confidential consultation and learn what is truly possible for you and your family!
To your financial success, 

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 Market Info:
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Founder Mark 1 Mortgage & Wealth Academy│Broker
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