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Millionaire Strategies! | VOLUME 1, ISSUE 2
How Long Will Your Money Last?
Very few people know the answer to this question. This is a HUGE mistake! 
Do you know how long your retirement money will last?
High inflation continues to increase at a rate that leaves the majority of Americans unable to save what they need to retire! The number of people that are able to permanently retire is steadily declining and elder poverty has increased to rates unseen since the Great Depression!

The problem is that most people believe the only way to achieve financial security or to retire is to save a lot of money in a 401K or IRA. They rely on the “Save-and-Hope” strategy where they do their best to save as much money as they can and hope that one day, they will be able to retire. As that day nears, they quickly realize that their cost of living has steadily increased because of inflation and their life savings isn’t going to last anywhere near long enough.

Thankfully, there is a solution to the savings and retirement crisis: You can become financially secure and retire without saving money!
Your Path to Wealth is Through Your Home!
Over 80% of the average American’s net worth is the equity in their home. 

Your home is the greatest creator of wealth and all of this wealth can be created without saving money! The key is to know how to strategically use this wealth to create the retirement income you will need that will never run out.  
*A little guidance can go a long way*
Success that speaks for itself!
How Our Clients Overcome the Struggle to Save:

 Lauren (45) and Calvin (49)
 Retirement goal age: 65
  • Home is valued at $650,000
  • 1st TD $325,000
  • Monthly expenses are $5,000
  • ​401K balance $150,000 with $500 saved per month
Lauren and Calvin wanted to know if they were on the right track for retirement.
STEP 1: Meet with their Mark 1-Real Estate Wealth Advisor to discuss what is possible.
STEP 2: Analyze their Current Financial Situation to determine what their financial future will look like if they stay on the same course.
Future Retirement Analysis based on current 401K balance and saving rate in 16 years:
As you can see, Lauren and Calvin were right in their need to address their savings challenges. 
Inflation can be your best friend or worst enemy.
But the good news is:
  • They have a lot of equity in their home!
  • ​They have time to
STEP 3: Review their New Financial Future!
When Lauren and Calvin at age 65, their monthly expenses will come out to $6,200. With our custom Your Path to Wealth plan, Lauren and Calvin will have to save $0 per month. That's right, they will not have to save at all!

Their new projected non-employment monthly income comes to $7,200 per month, meaning they will get to enjoy unlimited retirement! 
Three Easy Steps to Achieve
Financial Security, Retire, and Build 
REAL Wealth without Saving Money

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Confidential Consultation
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Meet to review your custom wealth building plan
YOUR PATH TO WEALTH is a custom plan designed just for you to help meet and even exceed your financial goals!
What is a
Mark 1-Real Estate Wealth Advisor
Real Estate Wealth Advisors are trained in the incredible wealth building dynamics of the home and real estate and will show you STEP BY STEP how to secure a lifetime of financial peace of mind!

ARE YOU READY to have financial clarity in your life? NOW is the time to learn exactly HOW and WHEN you will secure financial peace of mind!

Schedule your confidential consultation and discover how you can positively change your life!
Want to LEarn More?
Attend a wealth building workshop!

What you will learn:

End Financial Worries & Secure Peace of Mind!
The key to financial success is to have a comprehensive plan and some guidance!
Overcome The Struggle of Saving Money!
Becoming wealthy is less about saving money and more about accumulating assets!
Create Income That Will Never Run Out!
Real estate is the fastest, safest, and greatest builder of wealth over all other asset classes!
Most people think, “I have a 401K/IRA so I should be fine, right?” Wrong!
The 401K and IRA have been miserable failures for Americans.
  • 67% of Americans will never be able to retire!
  • 80% of Americans will run out of money in less than five years of retirement!
  • ​90% of Americans only rely on linear wealth growth, coincidentally this 90% are not in the top 10% of wealth accumulators.
 According to our calculations:
How much you need to save to retire early and live in or near poverty?
To live in poverty with a 4% return or withdrawal rate, you will need to amass: 
  • $303,500 for one person
  • ​$411,500 for a couple
  • ​$627,500 for a family of four
FPL: Federal Poverty Level        
 Market Info:
Mortgage Interest Rates Update
Interest Rates as of August 1, 2019

30 Yr Fixed Conforming Loan Limit $726,525 (LA-OC)
3.75% 1 points 3.90% APR

Jumbo loans to 1 Million
4.5% 1 points 4.75 APR

15 Yr Fixed Conforming Loan Limit $679,650
3.125 1 points 3.30% APR

(Above interest rates are dependent on credit scores)

Down Payment & Closing costs assistance programs available!

Apartments Units and Commercial Loans available *rate & loan terms are subject to various factors including but not limited to credit score.
So, do you know how long your money will last?
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