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How is Your 401K Looking?   

I started in the real estate industry in 1977. At that time the economy was booming and business was good, but along with the booming economy came raging inflation, very much like today.

The new Federal Reserve Chairman, Paul Volker, recognized what severe damage inflation can do to a countries economy and began to raise interest rates to squash inflation. A 30 yr fixed mortgage went as high as 16%, second trust deed loans were 19-20%, and the Prime lending rate was 22%.

These crazy high interest rates stopped inflation, but it also stopped the economy, my business, income and the stock market. Experiencing my first recession was painful! I had to live on my life savings to survive. I decided then and there that I would study the economy and never be caught by surprise again.

Times today very much resemble the early 80’s, we are clearly headed toward a recession and the smart money people in the stock market know this which is why they are moving their money out of stocks and the stock prices reflect this.

The question is what should you do with your money?

The answer is learn and understand how the economy works and how to position your money so they you can recoup your losses asap and grow your wealth and retirement income at 3-4 times the speed of the stock market without the risk!

Join me every Wednesday for my free educational webinars. Next week we will review “The Five Reasons You Must Absolutely, Positively, Own Real Estate!” and why NOW is a great time to invest.

To your financial success,

Mark Prather


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Mark Prather
Founder Mark 1 Mortgage & Wealth Academy│Broker 
NLMS #169135
BRE # 00591014
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