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Are You Tired of stressing over money?
Millionaire Strategies! | VOLUME 2, ISSUE 11
The number one stress for over 80% of Americans is money! I bet this doesn’t surprise you. No one has been more stressed out about money than I was. I worked crazy hours for decades, constantly worrying about money until I had a massive heart attack that nearly killed me at age 49.

This is WHY I formed the Mark 1 Real Estate Wealth Academy.  

Over my long career in the real estate industry, I learned some very powerful and profound wealth-building strategies that can end the stress about money and financial security.  

Over the past 12 years, the country has experienced two massive recessions--the first one being in 2008, which was caused by subprime loans that crippled both the stock and real estate markets, and the second one being this year due to COVID-19.  

These two events have set Americans--from Millennials to Baby Boomers--back financially, as many struggle to get their finances in order. Retirement has become more of a fantasy than a realistic goal...or so they believe! 


The wealth growth through real estate this year is unprecedented. The combination of rising prices and low interest rates is creating wealth growth for homeowners at an incredible pace.
Below is an example of one client's wealth growth just this year! Their total return on investment is $93,808, and their annual ROI investment is 326%!
What you see in the above report is just the tip of the iceberg. The wealth and retirement growth you can achieve with our exclusive program “Retire Without Saving Money through Real Estate” can put you and your family on the path to the life of your dreams--all without saving money!
retire without saving money through real estate!

End Financial Worries! 
Overcome The Struggle to Save!
Build REAL Wealth!
 Market Info:
 Market Info:
Mortgage Interest Rates Update
Interest Rates as of November 20, 2020
30 Yr Fixed Conforming Loan Limit (LA-OC)

Single: $765,600 
Duplex: $980,325
Tri-plex: $1,184,925
Four-plex: $1,472,550

2.5% 1 points 3.125% APR

FHA Loans to 1 Million
2.75 % 1 points 3.5% APR
(Above interest rates are dependent on credit scores)
Down Payment & Closing Costs Assistance Programs available!

Apartments Units and Commercial Loans available *rate & loan terms are subject to various factors including but not limited to credit score.
Mark Prather
Founder Mark 1 Mortgage & Wealth Academy│Broker 
NLMS #169135
BRE # 00591014
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